Brian Kotowski: Tearing down Confederate statues disgusting |

Brian Kotowski: Tearing down Confederate statues disgusting

Remember when the Taliban was blowing up Buddhist statues and monuments that had stood for millennia? I have to admit I was irritated beyond measure, not in the least because some of the most important people in my life — my mom's side of the family — are Buddhist.

Watching those idiot kids tear down the Confederate statue in Durham the other day has elicited similar disgust and not because I have any affection for the Confederacy or buy into the "it was about state's rights" jive.

As a casual Civil War buff, I am pretentious enough to claim that I may know more about it than most; certainly more than any tantrum-throwing college kid.

I have long been bemused that we've erected so many monuments to the losers and have no problem with the removal of Confederate statues – so long as it's done peacefully and legally. Not resolving civil disagreement through destruction and violence is supposed to be one of the hallmarks of this country and the people who live here.

The triggered college snowflakes in Durham are ignorant punks at best and wannabe totalitarians at worst; wearing blind hatred as a badge. A motivation/justification not too far removed from the Taliban's.

Brian Kotowski

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