Brian Kotowski: Recalls are not ‘dangerous’ |

Brian Kotowski: Recalls are not ‘dangerous’

The year 2011 is the most recent year for which I could find any comprehensive data for my online query. In 2011 there were 168 recalls nationwide, held in 17 states and 78 different jurisdictions. Seventy-five elected officials were dismissed and nine others resigned under threat of recall.

The total of 168 is only slightly above average compared to the decade preceding 2011. I would imagine that low triple digits is roughly the average in the here and now.

Only two governors have ever been recalled. The most recent was California Governor Gray Davis in 2003. His predecessor Pete Wilson was also the target of a recall effort during the 1990s — somehow I suspect Ms. Delaney doesn’t regard that effort to be “dangerous” since the target wasn’t a liberal Democrat.

The electoral recall mechanism first appeared on our shores in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1631 and has been alive and well ever since. Ms. Delaney’s assertion that the certain-to-fail recall of Governor Polis “sets a dangerous precedent” is ridiculous on its face.

Brian Kotowski 


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