Brian Kotowski: Letter about Navajo honor, Trump missed the point |

Brian Kotowski: Letter about Navajo honor, Trump missed the point

Regarding Brodie Farquhar’s letter to the editor, "Trump hijacks Navajo honor with his narcissism," my knee-jerk reaction is "way to completely miss the point, Brodie."

Which isn’t to say that I disagree with the letter. Trump is a narcissist. And a liar, a punk, and a bully as well. But I digress.

Andrew Jackson gets my vote for worst president of the 19th century (Woodrow Wilson wins my 20th century nomination). In his mocking of Senator Elizabeth Warren, the president was referencing – I suspect unknowingly – the Cherokee Tribe, from whom Senator Warren claims to be descended — a claim the tribe has repudiated.

The Cherokee nickname for Andrew Jackson was "Sharp Knife." The Creek tribe was more to the point; they simply called him "Indian Killer."

On the Trail Of Tears alone, more than 4,000 Cherokees died – 25 percent more people than were lost on 9/11. Given that Jackson was at the helm of some of the most grotesque American obscenities, why on earth was the code talker ceremony held in front of an Andrew Jackson portrait?

I don’t even blame Trump, necessarily. He strikes me as in intellectually incurious man, and I’ll wager his knowledge of Andrew Jackson begins and ends with the $20 bill. It is stunning that no one at the White House noticed, and it makes me wonder who’s minding the store at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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Brian Kotowski