Brian Kotowski: Individual mandate was edict issued from ‘on high’ |

Brian Kotowski: Individual mandate was edict issued from ‘on high’

Nancy Spillane’s letter to the editor, “Hoping Santa is not on Medicare,” proves to be a paint-by-numbers laundry list of standard-issue Democrat party talking points.

Bemoaned are the millions who will “do without” their coverage after the individual mandate has been eradicated. Conveniently omitted is the fact that they will do so by choice, once the penalty for non-compliance has been removed. How dare the ruling class not coerce millions into buying something they don’t want.

Ms. Spillane writes, “Obviously, our current leadership does not believe health care is a right…” Neither did its predecessor. The previous leadership believed health care to be an edict issued from on high, with which the vassals below must be forced to comply.

One remembers Speaker Pelosi during the Obamacare run-up, who characterized as “very fair,” proposals to imprison those who failed to make a government-mandated purchase. It goes to one of the central tenets of leftist dogma — the great unwashed are not to be trusted with their own care and feeding and must be browbeaten into obedient serfs.

At the end of the day, it’s all about choice, power and control. Only the political elite are to be entrusted with it. The rest are left sucking hind teat and punished if we’re less than grateful for the leftovers rationed to us by Big Brother.

Brian Kotowski


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