Brian Kotowski: Hypocrites on the right and the left |

Brian Kotowski: Hypocrites on the right and the left

The Constitution of the Confederate States Of America enshrined the evil of slavery by making it a requirement of Confederate membership/or and admission (see: Article IV, Sections 2 and 3).

The Confederate leadership recognized that slavery as a respectable institution was on the wane. One of the Confederate objectives was not only to maintain the practice within its own borders but to expand it as far southward as they could manage. They had fantasies of conquering Cuba and taking over as much of Mexico and Central America as possible – Jefferson Davis' so called "Tropical Empire," with evil at its core.

Too many of our political leaders lack the fortitude to stand up and call evil by its name. As an unrepentant "never-Trumper," I am nonetheless willing to give him credit where it's due. For example, I have been enormously pleased to note the President's willingness to do what his predecessor cravenly refused to: call out Islamic extremism as the complete, abject evil that it is.

A likely admirer of the Confederate legacy committed an Isis-style attack in the heart of the old Confederacy over the weekend. It was enormously disappointing therefore, to see the President's dishwater indictment of wrongdoing "on many sides." Quite a departure from his previous willingness to explicitly condemn the ideology fueling the atrocity.

People have routinely called Trump a racist, and I have routinely rolled my eyes (see: Al Sharpton's outrage over the term "paddy wagon" – because it's hurtful to Irish people, or something). Now I'm not so sure.

To those on the left who find Trump's response to Charlottesville as disturbing as I do: if you've held your tongues over the last decade or so as Islamists have made Charlottesville look like an amusement park, you're hypocrites.

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To those on the right who condemned Barack Obama's tepid rhetoric with regard to Islamic carnage but defend the Trump response to Charlottesville, you're hypocrites as well. We are all hypocrites together.

"Clowns to the left of me. Jokers to the right. Here I am."

Brian Kotowski