Brian Kotowski: Color me thunderstruck |

Brian Kotowski: Color me thunderstruck

After the presidential result had become obvious on Election Night, I posted on social media, “Color me thunderstruck.”

I then paraphrased something Trump had boasted of in the past, as a suggestion of what America might consider doing with the female of the species now that he had taken the White House. As an unrepentant “never Trumper,” the only outcome that could have approached my disappointment with Trump’s victory would have been President-elect Clinton.

Which begs the question: just how awful does one have to be to lose to someone as reprehensible as Donald Trump? The optimistic part of me would like to believe that the electorate at large is much more perceptive than the elite has given it credit for.

Mrs. Clinton has been stroking corporate America for decades — taking their money with one hand while pretending to spank them with the other. She’s on record with those same corporate cronies, advising them that her public and private personas are two radically different creatures.

In other words, she finds it eminently useful to be less than truthful with the great unwashed. That makes her a prevaricator at best and a liar at worst. At a minimum, we know of a certainty that she wasn’t honest enough to disclose Donna Brazile’s malfeasance (nor her own) during the debates.

Once Trump had secured the nomination, I didn’t follow the campaign too closely, since I found both candidates to be so objectionable. On the occasions when I tuned in, I found little more than an insult exchange, punctuated by celebrity endorsements of Mrs. Clinton.

Maybe one positive outcome will be a realization that the political insights of Jay Z and Beyonce have little utility for Americans trying to pay their bills and raise their kids. But the most positive result would be an electorate not only willing, but eager, to look past the smoke and mirrors to the fundamental dishonesty hiding behind.

One of the more plausible explanations I’ve heard for the Trump victory is a quote attributed to a Trump supporter, “You took him literally not seriously. We took him seriously, not literally.”

Here’s hoping that serious Trump won’t be the toxic dumpster fire that literal Trump is.

Brian Kotowski


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