Brian Kotowski: Character, integrity matter |

Brian Kotowski: Character, integrity matter

Congratulations to Doug Jones, who defeated Roy Moore in the race to fill the Alabama Senate seat previously held by Jeff Sessions. Democrats can be justifiably ecstatic at a victory won in such deeply red territory.

Donald Trump won Alabama last year by 28 points. Jeff Sessions had such an iron grip on the seat that he ran unopposed in 2014.

Mr. Jones is to be given credit for having run what by all accounts was a very smart campaign. But there may be another takeaway — conservative voters stayed home by the tens of thousands, or cast their votes for alternative candidates. The deep South said “No” to Moore’s malice and bigotry.

One can only hope that the GOP, Donald Trump (and his pet snake Steve Bannon) will cozy up to the notion that character and integrity matter.

Color me skeptical.

Brian Kotowski


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