Brian Kotowski: Armed teachers could be ‘game-changer’ |

Brian Kotowski: Armed teachers could be ‘game-changer’

The Steamboat Today recently published some of Governor John Hickenlooper’s remarks to NPR this week about gun control. Among other things, the Governor rejected the notion of arming teachers with the following assessment: “This is not something they’d be good at.”

I think the Governor could have said “blacks probably shouldn’t ski” or “women aren’t suited to science” and made just as much sense.

Among the Parkland dead are adult staff; murdered as they heroically and impotently tried to protect their students.

Some of the impetus for the armed teacher discussion may have come from the following headline, variations of which made the media rounds recently: “Florida sheriff pushes for ‘game changer’ program to arm teachers.”

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd instituted that program in his own jurisdiction in 2017, wherein selected teachers/staff are armed with concealed weapons. Volunteers who make the cut must have spotless records, undergo intensive psychological evaluations and graduate from a rigorous training program – portions of which exceed the standards that even Sheriff Judd’s own deputies are required to maintain.

Governor Hickenlooper’s sweeping generalization does nothing to persuade me that it would have been a bad idea for any of the now deceased teachers/staff in Parkland to have undergone Sheriff Judd’s testing and training and been equipped to have done something more significant than await the slaughter.

I don’t know if it’s the “game changer” that Sheriff Judd has proclaimed it to be, but it is a reasonable proposal and ought to be considered as a component in any plan to improve security at soft targets like schools.

Brian Kotowski


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