Brian Kotowski: Angry Left |

Brian Kotowski: Angry Left

I wish to express my gratitude for Christopher Lohmann’s anti-Ann Coulter tirade, as it helpfully spotlights the Angry Left in its natural habitat.

Mr. Lohmann indignantly bristles at the suggestion that he is taking a stab at censorship. A quick surf over to reveals the following definition for censorship: deleting parts of publications or correspondence or theatrical performances.

It would appear that that is precisely what Mr. Lohmann is trying to accomplish, with his initiative to levy “punishment against owners, employees and co-workers,” regardless of whether they agree with him.

The greatest failing of Socialism, and of collectivism in general, is that it demands conformity. Those who refuse to conform must be “punished” – even if it penalizes those who may be happily in lockstep with collectivist orthodoxy. The American left is one of the most aggressive purveyors of this malevolent doctrine, and Mr. Lohmann reveals his true colors with his attempt to deploy it here in Steamboat.

I am an occasional participant in the Steamboat Pilot & Today’s online reader forum, where the Ann Coulter vs. Maureen Dowd issue has been discussed at length. My impression is that the Steamboat Pilot & Today’s decision to run Ann Coulter’s column was the result, at least in part, of reader demand.

What others in Steamboat wish to read in their community publication is clearly of no consequence to Mr. Lohmann. They are at odds with his own elitist dogma, and must be “punished” until they submit to his vision of what is appropriate.

Mr. Lohmann is free to ignore Ms. Coulter’s presence in the Steamboat Pilot & Today, of course (just as I am free to ignore Maureen Dowd’s column on the same page), but he evidently believes angry browbeating to be the better part of valor.

I am optimistic that the grownups among us will win the day.

Brian Kotowski

Routt County

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