Braden Bryant: Where’s cartoon? |

Braden Bryant: Where’s cartoon?

I am a 10th-grade high school student and a loyal reader of the Sunday Pilot & Today. Sadly, for the past few weeks I have become an irritated and confused reader. Where has the Joe Roberts cartoon gone?

With each of his witty and creative cartoons I read, I always feel that my 50 cents has not been spent in vain. However for the past several weeks, this wonderful escape from the monotony of everyday life has been strangely absent from your paper. I certainly hope that this is due to a grave oversight in your political cartoon selection or even some terrible computer failure which refused to allow the Roberts cartoons to appear… anything but the blatant exclusion of the best part of your paper. If these clever cartoons continue to mysteriously not be included in the editorial and poll page, I may be forced to spend my 50 cents on other things and read only the discarded editions of your paper.

Braden Bryant

Steamboat Springs

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