Bobbi Hodge: Time to take stand |

Bobbi Hodge: Time to take stand

Having spent 36 years of my life in this valley, growing up and raising my children, I feel it is time to take a stand to protect ourselves and our home, Steamboat Springs. I know our votes can truly make a difference.

I urge everyone to vote for Towny Anderson. He has demonstrated his willingness to stand up for Steamboat and the people who make this community the special place that it is through their hard work and passion. He has the backbone to take action on so many of the issues that have been batted about for years, not the least of which is housing that is affordable to working families and individuals like me.

He has the courage to ask the tough questions about Triple Crown — one of our more divisive issues for many years now — and I am confident, as a housekeeping supervisor, that he will find a solution for our summer economy that will meet the expectations of both the business community and residents.

Towny also has shown that he will put our community first. By investing in our community, we will be a better host to a world-class resort. For too long, our decision-makers have catered to the resort interests only, and I think we agree that it has become more and more at the expense of our community.

As we juggle the many issues facing our community — affordable housing, a recreation center, Triple Crown, small-town character, historic preservation, fiscal responsibility, diversification of the economy, open space and trails — who do you want representing your interests? Let’s put our community first. Please join me in voting for Anderson and standing up for ourselves and our community.

Bobbi Hodge

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