Bob Stein: Seminars at Steamboat is about policy, not politics |

Bob Stein: Seminars at Steamboat is about policy, not politics

For the past 15 years, Seminars at Steamboat has sought to provide policy analysis to important national and international issues in a non-partisan way. This was recognized in Steamboat Pilot & Today in its editorial of March 7 of this year.

Tuesday's report on Monday's seminar by distinguished economist Robert Gordon, and in particular, the article's print headline portrayed the seminar as an anti-Trump presentation. It was not.

Professor Gordon in his presentation provided impartial documentation on the predominant view of reputable economists and institutions including the Fed, that rapid economic growth is over and that President Trump's expressed goal of a 4 percent growth of GDP is not realistic.

At Seminars we work hard to discuss policies, not politics. The video of the seminar will be on our website at in about a week, and I invite those who missed the seminar, or those who may have been confused by the article, to watch it and reach their own conclusions.


Bob Stein

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