Bob Nestora: May the water gods smile on you |

Bob Nestora: May the water gods smile on you

Dear Editor,

Having noticed that water restrictions have begun earlier that usual, I wanted to pass on my successful personal experience with water conservation. It’s not scientific but anecdotal; it’s simple, and it seems to work.

I have a small lawn and usually in the summer had to water it a lot to keep it green. This bothered me, as I am an Easterner where water is plentiful, and when I moved here, I came to understand water here is a precious commodity. My simple solution to is let your grass grow longer and set your lawnmower to the tallest setting. You will find it needs a lot less water if any at all.

It really works. I understand a lot of people have gardeners who rely on constant mowing. I understand their plight, but to this I say, time spent not mowing can be spent weeding and pruning. So in conclusion, I say give it a try. It may work for you. If it does, the water gods will smile down on you.

Bob Nestora

Steamboat Springs