Bob McConnell: Candidate answer |

Bob McConnell: Candidate answer

I appreciate the opportunity to respond to Stuart Handloff's letter ("Can they be trusted") in the May 30 Steamboat Pilot & Today. It was a little confusing, segueing somehow from Cal Thomas on abortion, to me on taxes, to Sarah Palin with atomic bombs. Let me try to respond.

Since 1913, Congress has used the existing tax code to get itself re-elected and to manipulate our behavior. Eliminating the Internal Revenue Code and moving to a Fair Tax on consumption would end both these problems and raise more revenue.

As for financial regulation, since 1913 a cartel of New York banks, aka The Federal Reserve, has manipulated the system for its own benefit. Again and again it has taken the upside profits while taxpayers cover its losses with bailouts. Read your history on this one. The cartel pretends to protect the people. Nothing could be further from the truth. It takes the gravy while local banks and the farmers, ranchers and business people who depend on operational loans to survive get the scraps. 

I want to fundamentally reform a financial system that protects fat cats in Congress and on Wall Street. We need to refocus on the free market solutions that have worked better than any other system on earth. I propose:

■ A Fair Tax on consumption.

■ No more bailouts.

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■ No more "banks too big to fail"

■ Free market interests rates

■ An asset-based currency

■ End fractional reserve banking 

As for environmental regulation, when the regulators are in bed with the regulated, and we manage our precious resources by lawsuit, the system is broken. Whether it's the oil spill in the Gulf, 3 million acres of dead trees north of Interstate 70, or smelts trumping the folks who raise our food in California, we need to be goal-oriented and outcome-driven. The goal is twofold: keep Colorado beautiful, and get people back to work. Let's look at outcomes rather than be happy with platitudes.

I have been in combat and worked in the Pentagon. My reorganized Department of Defense would cut the fat and inter-service rivalries that Truman was so frustrated with in 1947, while keeping our warriors the most well trained, best-equipped fighting force on Earth. 

I want to represent you in Congress so that we can start solving problems rather than just trade sound bites. Greece is our future if we don't get serious about what is happening to our country.

Bob McConnell

Republican candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, 3rd Congressional District

Steamboat Springs