Bob Hiester: Core Trail etiquette declining |

Bob Hiester: Core Trail etiquette declining

One of the most unique features of Steamboat Springs is the Core Trail. What a wonderful asset, accessible to people of all ages.

It brightens my day when I see families with little ones walking along with the Yampa River in close proximity for much of the trail. The fact that it is accessible from many points is a tribute to the designers of the trail. I am a frequent user of many of the sections of the trail, from the east to the west.

I have a couple of concerns, however. During the past few years, I have seen a decline of trail etiquette. Specifically, I am concerned about bicyclists who are riding at a moderate to fast pace and give no warning of their approach.

What happened to "On your left?" It is such an easy thing to do, and it gives people time to move over and let the bicycles pass without a disruption to either the walkers or the bicyclists.

Yes, walkers should be cognizant of the width of the trail and their pace. But those on bikes should be cognizant of how fast they are riding, the size of parties in front and, particularly of children.

I hope the need for some caution and common sense doesn't hit home as the result of a preventable accident.

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To those of you who do moderate your speed when approaching groups and give an oral "On your left," thank you.

Bob Hiester

Steamboat Springs