Bob Enever: Open letter to Sen. Baumgardner |

Bob Enever: Open letter to Sen. Baumgardner

You are my state senator, and I understand you are a member of ALEC — the American Legislative Exchange Council.

ALEC is a national organization where legislators meet in secret with corporate lobbyists and others to hash out legislation behind closed doors, not open to the press or the public. At the state level, ALEC has been behind legislation to:

  • Roll back renewable energy standards.
  • Make it harder to vote by requiring photo ID at polling places.
  • Block local governments from raising the minimum wage, restricting fracking, and mandating paid sick leave.
  • Call for a constitutional convention that would put all Americans’ rights and civil liberties up for grabs.

ALEC is reportedly supported by the Koch Brothers. The only reason we’re able to know you are a member of this secret organization is that, this month, the names were released nationally in response to a public records request, as reported by Colorado Common Cause and documented at

As a constituent, I demand that you sever your connection with ALEC and pledge to deal with legislation only in a transparent manner, so that all of your constituents can see what you are doing.

Bob Enever

Steamboat Springs

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