Bob Beauprez: Colorado, we can do better |

Bob Beauprez: Colorado, we can do better

Bob Beauprez
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Colorado is a special place. Especially in the Yampa Valley, we are blessed beyond imagination. My wife Claudia and I have lived out dreams here that I never could have dreamed. But as I’ve traveled the state, people keep telling me that it’s not the same place we have always known and loved.

Opportunity that used to come here is passing us by. Good jobs that have supported our communities are being threatened, and some have left the state. We see economic numbers telling us that there’s pockets of good news, but in much of the state, families still are waiting for the recovery to show up at their kitchen table.

I think we can be great again, and the solution is simple. We have not always had a government that made our decisions for us. For most of our history as Americans, and especially as Coloradans, it has been the goodness, the decency and the hard work of our people who have made this the greatest state in the greatest nation on God’s green earth.

Our current governor sees things differently. The former mayor of Denver, he thinks government is the solution to all of our problems.

During his first term, he pushed more than 2,000 new regulations on Colorado families and small businesses. He’s left job creators with ever-increasing uncertainty. He’s turned a blind eye toward public safety, releasing dangerous criminals from prison and into Colorado neighborhoods.

While there are good, moral arguments both for and against capital punishment, in the case of convicted mass murderer Nathan Dunlap, he chose neither. He granted Dunlap a temporary reprieve, leaving the decision to the next governor.

He was given the tools to improve our children’s education via the READ Act, but he failed to implement it. On his watch, third grade reading scores — an important indicator of later success — have fallen.

Colorado, we can do better.

We can roll back non-essential regulation, to give entrepreneurs the confidence to build businesses and create jobs. We can get rid of Common Core in Colorado and focus on local standards, empowered school districts and increased parental involvement. We can reform public safety, especially parole, to be sure dangerous criminals no longer are pushed out into our neighborhoods before they are ready.

You already have received your ballot. And while it won’t appear this way as you look at the list of names before you, the question facing you is this: Do you believe and trust in ever more government, or do you believe and trust in people?

I trust in you. Innovation and determination have always defined Coloradans, and today we need to enlist that Western spirit more than ever before. Colorado faces steep challenges, and I think the solution lies not with government mandates and regulations, but with people.

I believe in a stronger Colorado, and it begins with opportunity. Certainly opportunity for our little ones to get a great education and have an opportunity to live in a safe community. I believe in a stronger Colorado because I have lived here and seen it. I have been the beneficiary of it. I have helped create opportunity, and I know how we can create more opportunity in Colorado. It’s by believing and trusting in you.

Let’s begin today. Let’s fulfill the promise Nov. 4 and roll up our sleeves and get to work in January. I am asking you to join with me. I am asking you to stand up. I am asking for your vote. Let’s start building a stronger Colorado, and let’s start now.

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