Bob Baker: Enough is enough |

Bob Baker: Enough is enough

Since the founding of this Republic, there are certain principles that we cherish, and one of those is that the President, beginning with Washington and Jefferson, will not allow foreign influences to impinge on our domestic politics.  

Now, President Trump has used Kim Jong Un against Joe Biden, and while Trump is in Japan, to criticize Biden. This violates every tradition of our Republic.

Of course, the Democrats will protest, but what of our conservatives, who should uphold our traditions. I am talking to you, Cory Gardner, and to you Scott Tipton. Will you finally say that enough is enough, that you will not support a man who destroys every decent political tradition that our country has slowly and painfully built over the years.

If we allow foreign dictators like Kim and Putin to influence our politics because Trump likes them, what do we have left?  

Bob Baker


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