Board e-mail report released |

Board e-mail report released

Mike McCollum

— The Steamboat Springs School District posted the entire 19-page e-mail investigation report to its Web site Thursday, replacing the five-page summary previously released.

According to the newly released report, Earl Rhodes, the attorney who conducted the internal investigation into the John DeVincentis e-mail controversy, did not want the full report to be made public.

“Although someone else will resolve this, I view this report as confidential and protected from disclosure to the public,” said Rhodes, who did not say why he thought the report was private.

School Board member Jeff Troeger said Thursday that the School Board did not ask district staff to post the full report because of Rhodes’ request.

“There was a request this week from a member of the public who wanted the full report, and after discussing it with out attorney (Dick Lyons), it was determined to be a public document,” he said.

School Board President Denise Connelly, who was unavailable for comment Friday, previously said the abbreviated summary was condensed to make it easier for the public to understand Rhodes’ findings.

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“The investigation findings are verbatim from the (Rhodes) report,” Connelly said when the five-page report initially was published. “We just cleaned it up and included the timeline to make it easier to follow.”

Rhodes concluded that DeVincentis violated school policies by sending and receiving personal e-mails on his school computer in 2004 and 2005, and Pat Gleason violated school policies by publicly releasing those e-mails.

Rhodes added that Superintendent Donna Howell acted appropriately in gathering the e-mails and sharing them with former School Board President Paula Stephenson. But he said Howell could have done a better job of protecting such confidential information.

In the full report, Rhodes provides further detail into district policies for asset protection, e-mail transactions and board members’ code of conduct and board member covenants. The report also includes an extended summary of events, a legal analysis, a rough draft of all interviews and Rhodes’ methodology in gathering the interviews, which were released July 9.

The full report, as well as the interview transcripts, are available online at