Blue River turns orange in Breckenridge |

Blue River turns orange in Breckenridge

Summit Daily
The Blue River turns orange in Breckenridge on Saturday, April 27.

Deepan Dutta/Summit Daily

UPDATE 5:00 P.M.: The source of the orange water appears to be an abandoned mine near the intersection of Boreas Pass Road and Bright Hope Circle. There is no confirmation at this time if the runoff is harmful to human health.

The Blue River has turned orange in Breckenridge. The water has gone from its natural blue-green hue to a bright, burnt orange within the past few hours. The water is clear in the town of Blue River, which means the source of the material is somewhere between Breckenridge and Blue River. Authorities are still investigating and all local water districts have been notified. The Blue River is one of the primary sources for the Dillon Reservoir, which provides drinking water for hundreds of thousands of people on the Front Range.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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