Bill Schurman: Affordable sham |

Bill Schurman: Affordable sham

Bill Schurman

— The front cover of the Nov. 28, 2006, Steamboat Today was priceless. On top was a photo of the mobile homes at the Riverwalk project site being leveled, and immediately below it was the bold headline “A vision for housing.” What could have been meant by that headline in relation to the photo?

On the one hand, affordable housing for average working people is being destroyed while a structure will replace it for housing for the wealthy.

All the talk about “affordable” housing is a sham. Recently there was a photo in the Pilot & Today of an “affordable” house with a $300,000 price tag that remains unsold. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why.

Those folks who were kicked out of their mobile homes in the name of a developer’s profit can ill afford a $300,000-plus “affordable” home. Let’s cut the babble of “affordable” housing and do something that is realistic so that the working class in this community have a realistic chance at “affordable” housing.

Put mobile homes on property that developers cannot touch and allow mobile home owners to purchase the plot of ground, or buy several more over-the-road buses to transport folks to and from South Routt, Hayden and Craig – and let the employers and developers foot the bill.

Watch out Dream Island, you’re next!