Bill Sauter: Changing the name of Robert E. Lee Lane won’t be easy |

Bill Sauter: Changing the name of Robert E. Lee Lane won’t be easy

With regard to the article about Robert E. Lee Lane and Mr. Porter's interest in changing the street name, there are a few things you should be aware of before you start your campaign to change the name.  I'll tell you about my experience.

I live on one of the "steamboat" roads (Natches Road), like yours, in the Fairway Meadows Filing 1 subdivision. It is this subdivision that has all of the "steamboat" street names.

When I moved here my street was named Natches Way.  Soon after I moved here, the powers that be decided that one part of Natches Way had to be renamed. After some negotiation, the city agreed to leave one part of Natches as Way and change my part to Natches Road.

As soon as I notified correspondents of my new address, my mail was occasionally returned to sender since the Post Office didn't know about Natches Road, only Natches Way — even though the street number was the same.

Speaking of changing addresses, do you have any idea how many correspondents you have? Banks, credit card companies, friends, relatives, mortgage company and on and on.  They all need to be advised of your new address (so that some of your mail can be returned to them as undeliverable).

Both UPS and FedEx suddenly couldn't find my house. Google, MapQuest and other mapping software could no longer find me.

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And, if you think it is easy to figure out how to contact these various organizations to notify them of the change, think again. You can't just tell the local Post Office – the change, along with the appropriate documentation, has to go to the USPS Address Management System – do you know where that is?

The Colorado Motor Vehicle Division uses a county database to verify addresses. The city doesn't notify the county when they change a street name, all the city does is pass an ordinance and put up new street signs.

When you go to register your car or renew your driver's license, they can't find your new address because they don't know about it. And the utility companies will gladly change your mailing address but don't try to tell them that your physical address is different — I am still Unit A on Natches Road.

And lastly, isn't it somehow appropriate having all the roads in our Steamboat Springs subdivision being named after steamboats.

Bill Sauter

Steamboat Springs


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