Bill Hayden: The potential is good |

Bill Hayden: The potential is good

Bill Hayden

With all due respect, I am responding to the letter to the editor in the Dec. 11 Steamboat Today that was written by members of the No Casino group.

I asked my grandfather (who lived to be 103): "Grandpa, what was it like in the good old days?" He replied: "Grandson, it was just the old days. Life has never been better than it is today."

Change always has had two faces — it is both welcomed and resisted.

I wonder what the impact of a large business would bring. Would it bring extra revenue to help us provide improvements to our trail system, parks and other necessary infrastructure that our citizens need and would enjoy?

I wonder if it would provide a way to eliminate some property taxes on private residences similar to the system Steamboat Springs provides to its citizens.

Would it provide opportunities such as ensuring growth and providing new jobs and hope that this small community needs to prosper and survive?

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Or should we be satisfied with the status quo — declining revenues, stagnant growth, falling school enrollments and 8-man football?

Bill Hayden