Bill Hayden: Access to health care important |

Bill Hayden: Access to health care important

I would like to express my opinion in a matter that should and does concern every citizen in this country — the ability to have affordable access to health care.

The new president has stated the pre-existing conditions will be covered and that everyone will be able to have affordable health care. I applaud his commitment to solving this pressing concern to each and every citizen.

My most fervent hope is that we may be able to have the same coverage that Speaker Ryan and Senator Paul and their families have and as the rest of Congress has. In that we may be offered the same deductibles, limits of coverage, and of course, the same cost of insurance that we provide (by paying taxes) for them.

Could the Affordable Care Act, known as "Obamacare," be improved, modified and even changed for the better? Of course, as in any plan devised by man.

Perhaps we could in the future re-name the Affordable Care Act to Obama Cared and possibly that Trump Cared Also.

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Bill Hayden


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