Bill Doyne: Morehouse isn’t a poor house anymore |

Bill Doyne: Morehouse isn’t a poor house anymore

Wow! Philanthropic deeds usually go under the radar. Those who choose to do such things do it for altruistic reasons. The rest of our angels do it on the “DL” as the kids say these days. But any help from those who have the ability is welcome all the same. 

When Robert Smith, alumni and speaker at Moorhouse this weekend, pulled the ultimate mic drop, he threw down a gauntlet the size of the Empire State Building. Assuming he walks the walk and erases $40 million in debt the graduates incurred over the last four years, he went biblical.

I think it was Wayne Brady who wiped out all the layaways at one Walmart last Christmas. Awesome indeed and done by others in the past. But the gravity of this ultimate act of, “Paying it forward,” has biblical proportions.

Brady and others simply gave a man a fish. What Smith did was enroll the graduates in fishing school. Hopefully someone, somewhere makes it their passion to see how that forest of acorns grows. I also hope he hasn’t ruined it for future speakers if they don’t follow suit.

There are millions of equally inspirational people with experiences we can all learn from. Most importantly, don’t confuse money for love. Peace!

Bill Doyne 

Steamboat Springs

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