Betty Leipold: Cooktown USA? |

Betty Leipold: Cooktown USA?

Betty Leipold

There have been some recent articles in the Pilot stating that when tourists visit Colorado’s mountain towns they want to see historic and “quaint.”

I miss those funky old buildings – the Nite’s Rest and the Harbor Hotel. They were part of the Steamboat’s unique personality. It is nice to see “big sky” where they once stood. But I fear that what’s proposed for those spaces will detract rather than add to Steamboat’s quaintness. If they end up being like the pictures, they will look like the industrial buildings on Walnut Street in Denver – large, generic commercial buildings.

Once again, someone comes from somewhere else, likes the look and feel of Steamboat and promptly wants to “rearrange the furniture.” Will we be living in “Cooktown USA” in the future?