Best Weed Strain: Heavenly Haze by Rocky Mountain Remedies |

Best Weed Strain: Heavenly Haze by Rocky Mountain Remedies

Heavenly Haze

Marijuana aficionados have chosen Rocky Mountain Remedies as having the best strain of weed.

RMR co-owner Kevin Fisher says the Heavenly Haze strain is a staple that was created by a former grower.

It has also won international fame with the Cannabis Cup’s people’s choice award.

“I guess people like the strain,” Fisher says.

Fisher says the strain has a “certain aroma,” but there are other qualities as well.

“It’s a combination of the way a bud looks and the way it smells and burns,” Fisher says.

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There is also the way it makes you feel.

RMR’s website describes it as combining a strong body buzz with an energetic and positive head high that can last for hours.

Total active cannabinoids in the hybrid weed is measured between 18.25 and 20.17 percent.

RMR claims the weed also offers relief from chronic pain and anxiety.

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