Best of the Web: U.S. 40 paving |

Best of the Web: U.S. 40 paving

■ Paying extra is ridiculous. Scott contracted the job, knew or should have known the weather conditions here and should have considered all the variables. How about the times that Scott sent their people home for fear of bad weather that did not happen? Do not pay extra for doing their job. Penalize them if they do not. And for the council members that vote to pay more — recall them for unjustified and wasteful spending!

— justice4all

■ This is a little different, but I think this is one topic it sounds like we all agree on.

How could anyone in their right mind think that this is a good idea? They set up a contract with the state. The weather this spring has been no surprise to anyone who has spent a spring here. The city has been stating for several years how short on money they are.

Now a city department director thinks we should be throwing some unknown amount of money at this project. I wonder how the public works employees are feeling this morning after reading this article and remembering that they are still on furlough. Some of whom are approaching being down by 25% in pay.

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Even presenting this idea to city council is outrageous and a complete waste of time and effort. There is no way to even begin to justify this to any resident of this valley.

— callguinness

■ The whole concept of finishing it in the fall should be up for discussion, not paying extra to the contractor.

Construction in the spring is a reasonable idea because while they may be weather delays, at least they can be pretty confident of warm days towards the end that are good for pouring concrete.

Construction in the fall is a much more risky idea because we can get a snowstorm and a cold snap so there might not be a good day to pour after mid October until spring.

The idea of finishing in the fall makes sense if there are just a couple of weeks of work to do so it’d easily get done even if the weather is not great. But the way things are going, they are going to have quite a bit left and will need good weather into November.

— Scott_Wedel

■ I think that if this is what it takes to speed up the process, allocate some money for it. I would assume that businesses would rather have the project completed as fast as possible, rather than getting a bailout from the city. The fact that they are behind schedule is primarily from the weather. If we want this project completed they will need some help as long as all monies have been accounted for including contingencies. If this is the case, give it to them, let’s just get it done.

— S_G30

■ We should not fund overtime or anything else beyond our present obligation.

But if we have any restrictions on work days or hours they should be removed.

— JohnFielding

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