Best of the Web: Steamboat II water |

Best of the Web: Steamboat II water

When water mains break, aren’t there typically boil orders or a waiting period for flushing contaminants out of the pipes before drinking the water again? I live in Steamboat II and got up to get a drink Monday night, and I didn’t have any water pressure. This is the first I’ve heard that there was a problem.

— brantmclaughlin

I live in Steamboat II as well and noticed the drop in water pressure Monday night … This is the first I’ve heard of this as well, I thought it was related to the water truck filling up to take water to the Milner house fire. Three days later, I have to read about it in the paper? I, too, thought there was supposed to be a waiting period or something …

— SkiTownUSA

Tubing the Yampa

Any way we could get some more 411 posted on the “Respect the Yampa” thing for those that are interested in helping out this year?

Tubing is becoming something of a pasttime up here and more and more people seem to be finding themselves enjoying our beautiful Yampa. Hopefully, we can make sure that they are all provided with ample opportunity to clean up after themselves.

— mmjPatient22

Safety at intersection

My appreciation to the paper for bringing forth more safety information that could only help, and the paper could have a weekly article for safety education, to be better informed about any safety issue. The bike path crossing at Mount Werner and Highway 40 seems very confusing and dangerous to me. I hope a person unfamiliar with how it works doesn’t hit someone using the bike path. Because of the extreme snow driving conditions, we are more vulnerable to accidents in Routt County. I am sure that a majority of people stay out of their vehicle while intoxicated, but what is up with you people that still do it? You are risking your life, your car and the public safety in whatever area you decide to drunk drive to. … Defensive slow driving in a sober condition and you still might wreck, but you know that you have done your part to stay out of the trouble, that’s all you can do.

— sun

Private home rentals

The home rental industry was driven by the property sales companies. The pitch?

What a better way to obtain a second home? Buy a house or build a mini hotel (some sleeping over 25 people) in any neighborhood, residential or not and presto change-o, you have help with the mortgage. As the competition for overnight guests increases, it is likely there will be more complaints leveled by the legitimate lodging businesses.

— snowbow

City wastewater

“The concern’s there today.” It seems more accurate to say the city wastewater infrastructure is at maximum capacity — today.

And we are just getting to the question adjusting tap fees for the millions in needed infrastructure? Where was the concern when we were at 90 percent capacity? Where was the foresight?

One conclusion is unavoidable — we have just let hundreds of units have building permits at what amount grossly inadequate tap fees. And the horizon of tap fee/permits is bleak.

This article was a painful read.

— lewi

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