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Best of the Web: Steamboat 700 vote

Where is the Attainability Program?

Attainable housing has been promised many times, and the annexation ordinance was definitely seeking to put that attainability promise "into writing." But in making its pre-election deadline, the ordinance was not able to reach any conclusion on attainability. So the ordinance's very brief Attainability Section punted instead and called for creating an "Attainability Program" that would put in writing how this annexation will deliver on its attainability promise.

Until this Attainability Program is complete, a critical piece of the annexation is still missing, and attainability is very much in doubt.

— lewi

Community garden

This sounds wonderful! Great job to all involved!

— boater

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Spillane wins World Cup

■ WOO HOO! Keep it up till Feb! We are cheering for you!

— nordicskier

■ Good stuff, Johnny! Keep it up, brother!

— cj0329

Soroco considers laptops

I do not mean to diminish the skills or programs of anyone here, and my examples might not be the best. In no way do I mean to say the spreadsheet skills are the primary objective. However, having a basic understanding of financial issues would seem to be extremely important.

What I intended to portray is that we should be teaching students how the computer and software can be used in the daily aspects of what they want life to be. Just teaching them how to navigate through the software is not sufficient. Having a curriculum that requires them to use the computer and its various functionality to solve real problems. In a perfect world, each student would find a project that excites them.

Our children need to be taught how to think for themselves and to solve the problems that they will encounter in the real world. … That can be done without spending money on computers. Technology is an opportunity to change the rules of the debate and to encourage independent thinking.

— trump_suit

Rezoning denied

■ Given the above, I feel compelled to write in support of Walter (Magill)'s vote against the up-zoning of that parcel.

In approving a development application, one looks almost entirely to the existing rules — the zoning codes. The developers "know what to do."

When changing the rules or zoning codes, there often are no rules. One has to weigh an unwritten and larger set of parameters. High in this list would be one's estimation of the will of the community and the best interests of the community. Those should, without question, match or even trump the wishes of the development community.

Put this parcel re-zoning in a ballot question and it would be a landslide "no."

Thanks, Walter. You cast the right vote.

— lewi

■ I want to voice my support for Walter's vote, also. His indecisiveness is refreshing and indicates that he values the public process above anything else. After all, we are supposed to be undecided prior to all of our public meetings and weigh all the input from both sides at that meeting. Good job making a very difficult decision, Walter.

— CedarBeauregard