Best of the Web: Square redevelopment |

Best of the Web: Square redevelopment

■ Well done, I think that a good compromise has been reached. I just hope that they really do work to include enough commercial space and entertainment venues that will make Ski Time Square vibrant again.

— steamboatsprings

■ Decent 500 to 1,000 person live music venue is absolutely key in Ski Time Square.

— blue_spruce

■ "In the worst-case scenario, Ski Time Square construction could be 11 years away."

No, worst-case scenario is that they leave it vacant and let the approved project expire.

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The 11-year scenario is the absolute longest that they could take to build this approved project.

— Scott_Wedel

■ The long-term negative impact the dilapidated base area will have on our core tourists will be hard to overcome. City Council needs to step up to the plate and put tourism to the forefront and come up with a plan and funding to improve the base area pronto. In granting this six-year vesting period, which was a concession by the city, they should have negotiated an interim lease to allow for the city/Ski Corp. to use the property for events or temporary attractions/businesses. No lease, no six year vesting!!! Oh wait, this was a developer asking who is in bed with at least two of the council members, how dare we say no? I guess that type of forward thinking outside of 700 was too much to ask.

— housepoor

Steamboat 700 coverage

■ You don't want readers to express their views because you are afraid there will be too many opinions that contradict your paper's views. Really, any tit for tat or back-and-forth dialog from readers is a lot better than having your one point of view dominate. Seems to me it is called censorship. It looks like you want your viewpoint out and tight control of all others. You don't want substantive debate. … In fact, some of the articles are so one-sided and disjointed with no opinions or information asked from the opposition that one wonders if this actually is journalism. Readers cannot make an informed decision on anything in your paper thus far. You and your paper are frauds.

— pitpoodle

■ How can you say the newspaper doesn't want to view too many opinions? There is no shortage of information out there, and you have the right to comment anytime but not to tell the paper how to sway a vote. If all you're asking for is more information to make a better decision, go for it now, someone will try to answer you, I'm sure.

— sun

■ A sincere note — the Pilot & Today has done a nice job with the pros and the cons of this complex annexation in your recent articles. Those with terribly biased views or agendas don't seem to ever hear or listen to the other side. They never will be pleased but always are the first to point fingers.


■ I would like to hear what the truth is about the capital expenditures. Where does the money really come from? I don't think they are giving the city $50+ million, no strings attached.

Is it good for Steamboat now?

Who's going to buy these lots/homes when there are 2,000 properties on the market now?

— insbsdeep

■ AGM:

"A sincere note — the Pilot & Today has done a nice job with the pros and the cons of this complex annexation in your recent articles."

More like they have done a nice job with the pros of this annexation.

— jk