Best of the Web: Shooting bears in town |

Best of the Web: Shooting bears in town

In terms of the bear overpopulation – you are right; there is definitely a growing problem. I was thinking about this the other day when I was walking my dog, and it’s a tricky issue. Obviously, you can’t have hunters near residential neighborhoods – which is, unfortunately, where the problem is. Ideally, you’d cull the population from above – minimizing the risk to nearby human population. I know that this is a little “outside the box,” but I bet the we could get Sarah Palin to do the dirty work! Seriously, everyone knows she’s an avid aerial hunter, and ever since she quit the governor’s job she could probably fit us into her schedule.

– blue_spruce

Punishment for shooter

I am a legal hunter and resent the fact that he illegally took an animal and is not getting punished to the full extent.

Normally DOW can take your guns, trucks or anything used to take an animal illegally.

The growing bear problem seems to be directly related to the lack of bear hunting.

Used to be spring hunts with baiting and dogs allowed.

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Now we just have humans baiting into trash and homes.

DOW needs to revive the bear hunts.

Make sure you people in that neighborhood keep your wild dogs and cats under control so they don’t end up stuffed or skinned for scavenging in trash.

– flyfisher1