Best of the Web: School meals director |

Best of the Web: School meals director

■ We are so fortunate to have Max as our nutritional director. The quality and taste of the food has risen dramatically since he came to Steamboat. My kids never used to eat school lunch, and in the last couple of years that has completely changed to where they almost always eat school lunch. They notice that Max uses real meat, not chopped, formed meat with artificial grill marks. They love the salad/deli bars that have fresh fruit and veggies, and they love the flavor of the food. Last year, I made it a point to go to Strawberry Park Elementary and eat lunch there a few times just to see for myself, and I was as impressed as my children were with the taste and quality of the food.

Thanks for bringing good food to the school, Max and what a great idea to go all scratch this month.

It would be great in the future if the students could get involved with the nutritional staff and learn/help with the food prep/cooking.

— CarrieRequist

■ Thank you, Mr. Huppert! Thanks also to the district for their support of Mr. Huppert and his goal to go scratch.

— Kuri

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Medical marijuana talks

The point I was trying to get across is how ludicrous it is to use the crime/gang/violence/despair-ridden areas of California as an example of why regulations need to be stiffened up for dispensaries or the medical marijuana industry as a whole, here in the Yampa Valley. … Glad they changed it.

— mmjPatient22

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Congratulations to Yampa Valley Community Foundation on a great choice for the Executive Director. Mark has the trust and respect of many in our valley, and I'm certain he'll take the Foundation to new levels.

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Ben and Millie: Thank you for your volunteer service and your thoughts from your experiences. I would encourage anyone, regardless of age or background, to pursue volunteering in the Peace Corps. It's a quite a challenge, but also very rewarding and a fun experience.

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County plowing

Living on an unpaved county road for many years, we have always appreciated the guys who plow our road. However, I can't help but wonder how emergency equipment will get to us (if needed) when the wind blows 5 to 6 feet of snow across the road. Paul, I think this could be a fatal decision. Let's face it, we have all witnessed government waste in Routt County and the city of Steamboat. I pay the same taxes as the guys on the paved county roads.

— stillinsteamboat

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