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Best of the Web: Paul Robbins

Paul Robbins

Paul Robbins was a truly great man and someone with whom I also worked when we were hosting the Nordic combined World Cups. John, your words are perfect, and I agree that he's got a huge smile on his face right now with our boys' success Sunday and (Tuesday). Thanks for reminding us of this really good man and his contributions. Best regards,

Andy Wirth

— awirth

Missing a roads grant

The competition for these grants was stiff: 1,457 applications for a total of $59 billion or almost 40 times the $1.5 billion available. The more recent "Livability Initiative Program Grants" from the Federal Transit Administration also were highly competitive, with $54.4 million requested from Colorado's rural communities alone — including Steamboat's request for $388,000 for bus shelters and other transit system equipment — against the $150 million available nationwide. These LIP grants will be awarded in the next month or two, so keep your fingers crossed.

— George_Krawzoff

Fletcher gets to compete

This is a great example of the Olympics NOT being just about the medals. The chance to compete and experience the biggest stage on earth for most of the athletes is a reward by itself. These guys acting as a team and pushing each other and helping each other is an example to us all of what it means to be part of a team. Kudos to the whole Nordic combined team and coaches.

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— sturn