Best of the Web: More cycling trails; Steamboat 700 |

Best of the Web: More cycling trails; Steamboat 700

More cycling trails

– This is the best thing I have heard in a long time.

Nice! Thanks to RCR, Ski Corp., the city and Forest Service for coming together on this.

– biz

Steamboat soccer title

– Way to go, boys!

– Amy Harris

– Great stuff!

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– Ben Beall

Steamboat 700 petition

– I think we need to be careful not to assume that if one signs the petition they will automatically vote to overturn annexation ordinance. Nor should it be assumed If, (big if) the “Let’s Vote” committee is successful in obtaining the necessary number of signatures, and the issue is placed on the ballot the vote will be to overturn the annexation agreement ordinance.

The magnitude of annexation ordinance should not be minimized. Having the outcome of something of this magnitude and long-term implications hinge on a single City Council member’s vote is likely reason enough to support the petition process as it unfolds. If the vote had been 7 to 0 or even 5 to 2 at a minimum I am not too sure I would feel this way.

– Scott Ford

– A vote is an excellent idea! People need to go visit the vast and empty development projects all across the state of Florida and Arizona to see what is going to happen. It’s one thing to have one of these projects debated, but think how silly they look when the money dries up and they are not completed :

Do people really think there is enough money to go around and fund development (meaning purchasing real estate and opening businesses) of the base area and an entire new town to the west? It’s ridiculous in scope and negligent in the planning process.

– Florida_for_all

– I think it will be ridiculous, silly and negligent of this community if we woke up in the year 2025 and Hayden is 5,000 people and Oak Creek is 3,000, some of them our own grown-up kids, all of who drive into Steamboat Springs to work every day on a truly nightmarish U.S. 40, and the average house in Steamboat Springs is $1.2 million (a discount from Aspen, but still very, very steep) with astronomical property taxes to pay for our new school and fire station and police headquarters (which we are told by city that we need today, in 2009), and there is still no supermarket on the west side of town to buy some eggs for breakfast, all because half of the city voters shut off the in-town housing supply way back in 2010 in a misguided sky-has-fallen election. Now that’s negligence.

– goremtn

– If the job creation and income generation is coming from Information, Health Care and Professional/Technical Services industry sectors then I ask you, can you tell if local companies report having substantially increased the number of those employees? In particular, the Information and Professional/Tech Services categories.

I’ll tell you what I see. I see local information and tech jobs getting tons of local applicants for advertised openings even during the boom. So while there was some local job growth in those categories, it was far less than the number of locals with those skills. I also see a good number of p eople working in those categories whom were able to choose where they live and picked SB.

The irony of SB 700 is that it is claimed that it will shift development from Stagecoach and Hayden to SB 700. The price points between SB 700 vs. 20 miles out are so great that Stagecoach and Hayden will grow regardless. Maybe they’ll grow faster due to the jobs building SB 700. Maybe they’ll grow slower because SB 700 will provide some housing for locals.

Adopting a plan allowing for developing 2,000 units for 20+ years is compounding (with interest) the mistakes of the past.

– Scott Wedel

Possible grocery strike

Most workers are initially satisfied with a chance to compete, until that chance reveals a path of no improvement in work conditions, benefits, opportunities for advancement, etc., regardless of, and in no proportion to, how well the business is doing, or how much more work they are asked to do.

As a business/company/government deals with its employees, it is wise to consider this, and more. Poor “people skills” by HR people, and management that has forgotten the people who make their business successful, will eventually drive their workers to seek assistance in the form of a labor union.

Labor unions are not all thugs, any more than all business owners are mean, greedy, and heartless. They often simply attempt to level the “playing field.”

– Antonie

Oak Creek raises fees

– I am not thrilled about ponying up more money for utilities, and I am glad there was active dissent on the board over this issue. But I also know that utility rates should have been raised in regular increments over the past decade and were not.

Our town was hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt just four years ago and on the brink of disaster. The board has scrimped and scraped to get this town back in the black over the past three years, and they have succeeded.

I think one would be hard pressed to find many examples of frivolous spending (there are a few I’d agree), but the good news is that the budget has not yet been finalized and you still have time to offer your cost saving ideas! In fact, you could apply for Fisher’s seat and have a vote!

– upstream

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