Best of the Web: Jim Engelken resigns |

Best of the Web: Jim Engelken resigns

■ Jim, thanks so much for all your hard work and the countless hours you've put in on behalf of the people of Steamboat Springs to make this a great town to live in. Best of luck in your next adventure. You'll always have a home here!

— ElBorracho

■ I am sorry to see you go, Jim. You have been a good representative on city council over the years. You speak your mind and have had no personal agenda. You vote for the good of residents in Steamboat Springs. That is high praise, as far as I am concerned. Best wishes to you and Nancy.

— pitpoodle

Defibrillators in cars

Wake up, Doug and the other commissioners! You don't need to go to medical school before you can say, "OK, buy the AEDs." They have instructions written on them; they are foolproof. They are all over airports and other public buildings, more prevalent than fire extinguishers, for the public to use when needed.

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— zorro

Triple Crown deal

■ Consider it unnecessary expenditures on marketing if we were to lose this group and went looking for a replacement and also consider the amount of sales tax they generate from the business of lodging, dining, grocery and liquor etc.

As long as the city is covered … it makes sense.

— seeuski

■ Just to be sure I read correctly, we will be sponsoring them with the same amount as previous years and with the same amount of field improvements, but with "an immediate reduction in volume"? Seems a bit off.

— jaded

Bike trail plans

Outstanding! Kudos to the Steamboat Ski Area and Routt County Riders for getting this going.

— steamboatsprings