Best of the Web for Oct. 7 |

Best of the Web for Oct. 7

Bypass foolish

— The only thing that the bypass will do is to further accelerate the current building boom by opening up land that was previously inaccessible to motorized traffic. Whenever a road is put in place development isn’t far behind. : What a terrible thing it would be to do to the oldest continuous ski area in Colorado and the only ski area in the state that is registered as a historic place: There has to be better idea(s) than this one!

– colobob

Traffic study needed

Before any of us can make any judgment on the merits of a bypass, we need a professional traffic consultant to analyze our travel habits and then, based on the results, provide us with a range of options. At risk of yet another city funded study, this must be done ASAP!

– rodcarew

Bypass could work

The emerald mountain bypass proposed is 2/10ths of a mile longer than the stretch of U.S. 40 it would bypass. Considering it would also skip about a dozen stoplights and most likely run at 45 miles an hour, the time savings would be significant. : We do have to do something and the bypass deserves a hard look. It will take 10 years to get it done in any case. You cannot just keep your head in the sand and say we do not need to look at this “yet.”

– another_local

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Fund the charter school

I agree with the continuation of the tax to support the education community : if : a fair share is provided to the North Routt Community Charter School in Clark. This excellent school began 5 years ago with a handful of students and now has 50, in the same buildings. There are now 5 teachers and Colleen Poole, the director and the students and North Routt community are thriving from their contributions. Let’s hope NRCCS is financially supported to the same degree the other schools are in the entire community!!

– mtmist

Control community spending

These community support pledges are out of control, a waste of administrative effort, and should be phased out completely over a period of three to four years. We are fortunate to have enough people in Steamboat and Routt County that are well able to privately support organizations they perceive to be well conceived and well executed. Kudos to Lanning and Litzau (and their budget proposal) for the refreshing reminder of where the City’s priorities ought to be.

– ggander

Support the arts

A culture defines itself by its arts and traditions. Shouldn’t the council be involved in finding out what our community values and support that? Yes, roads, bridges, police and firefighters, and safety are important to all of us, but they help protect us and our cultural heritage. $500,000 is nothing in the scheme of things. A home without art and its appreciation is a home undefined.

– dimiwitiguess