Best of the Web for Oct. 5 |

Best of the Web for Oct. 5

Palin/Biden debate

— First of all, I thought Palin did a good job for the level of her knowledge. She is a confident speaker, and she came off quite well. The problem, though, is that she’d been studying talking points on many subjects and instead of answering questions, she could only reproduce those talking points. When she got a second chance to talk about the same issue, she repeated the same talking points. She simply does not have the breadth of understanding needed to answer tough questions and counter Biden.

Joe Biden was on point. I’d never seen him debate this well. He did exactly what he needed to: attack McCain, not Palin; show a good grasp of the issues; propose solutions that the Obama campaign would implement; he was respectful and not condescending.

– nikobesti

Social host issue

It is obvious : that underage drinking in our community has gotten out of hand. I’m sure it not only includes high school and middle school students, but also many of the students attending CMC. While I agree that something needs to done to deal with the situation, I am not so sure that the social host ordinance is worth the cost (both monetary and time-wise) that it would entail. These underage people who want to drink are going to do so whether at home, at a friend’s or somewhere out in the woods, along the river, in a car, etc. By passing this ordinance to punish those who knowingly let underage people drink in their homes is a small step in the right direction, it will not solve the underlying problem.

– papfu

Tighten up policy

From what I have read and heard so far, this is a good concept that needs to be tightened up: The parents/property owners should have to be present at the property and aware of the activity to be charged.

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The activity should have to include non-family members to come under the law. The rules governing probable cause for authorities to enter a home should not change.

– teleflypicker

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