Best of the Web for Oct. 12 |

Best of the Web for Oct. 12

Economy rocks the ‘Boat

— After spending the summer on the Front Range and seeing all of the for-sale signs and not being able to find work, I strongly believe Steamboat will be impacted. The families that always had a little extra money are now in a position where they are barely hanging on. I think Steamboat needs to heavily market to the international traveler. While the world economy is shaky at best I think if we shift the marketing strategy a bit, we should be able cushion that blow.

– sportzmama

Support for local hiring

The city always looks for an outside messiah to run the city. I have advocated for years the hiring of local people to run things. Wendy (DuBord) probably is more qualified than any of the applicants that we might choose. Good employees like Wendy are usually not out looking for a job. I often come off as the town grouch, I am conservative and I certainly have not approved of a lot of government decisions, but I have seen this valley in tough times, and all the extra money has certainly spoiled us. Social engineering seems to be in vogue, but the market will eventually sort this out.

– Fred Duckels

Respect for toughness

I have great respect for any woman who can field dress an elk or a moose. They are my kind of woman, whether in Routt or Moffat counties or in Alaska. It actually says something about a woman. No nonsense, pragmatic, practical real women. The kind we need more today than ever.


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Palin’s skills prioritized

It might be more important to think creatively and to be able to spout more than memorized talking points, an original opinion would be astonishing from this female who is so closely tethered. What is there to fear from allowing Sarah to be Sarah and to speak off the gol-darn cuff? Maybe McCain, et al, know something we don’t that makes them feel she needs to be muzzled. Hunting and the vocabulary of an adolescent is not adequate qualification to be the potential president who will deal with heads of state around the world. … Can you imagine what it would be if we had, as head of state, a person who winked at the camera and said things like “Golly, I think all people should be able to put a six pack on their coffee table.”

– windle

DOW duties and dogs

On behalf of the Colorado Division of Wildlife, I felt it appropriate to add a brief note. The DOW is not ‘turning a blind eye’ (to sheep dogs). The DOW has absolutely nothing to do with regulation of sheep grazing, sheep herding, sheep herders or sheep dogs. The appropriate agency to address these issues would be the US Forest Service (who issues grazing permits on public lands) or the local sheriff’s department (who can address threats to public safety posed by a private land activity).

If it comes to anyone’s attention that the bighorn sheep are hiring packs of aggressive dogs, please get back with us as it will then be ‘our’ problem.

Good luck and safe recreation.

Randy Hampton, public information officer, Colorado Division of Wildlife, northwest region.

– Randy Hampton