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Best of the Web for Nov. 2

Support Howelsen

— I’m in. It’s been a few years since I’ve skied Howelsen. If my memory serves me correctly, they used to have some kind of deal where you could ski for a couple of hours and have lunch for a very reasonable price. Maybe they need to offer something like two hours and a tuna sandwich for ten bucks. Plus, on a powder day, you can have the mountain to yourself.

– Dave Moloney

Tourism marketing

Mountain ski resort towns do not transport the product to the consumer. Instead, we entice the consumer to come experience the product. Projecting a marketing message beyond the city limits is out of reach for all but the largest enterprises but is, nevertheless, essential for the common benefit of the community.

– teleflypicker

Keep Howelsen

Excellent points, I will take my family over a couple of times and invite others along. It would be a very shortsighted move to close Howelsen Hill and have broader economic impacts. Thank you for your letter.

– steamboatsprings

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We aren’t immune

I think that the folks at Vail are right on target in their efforts to get more visitors this winter. If Steamboat thinks that the overall business climate is OK and doesn’t need an extra push, then I hope that it works out. On the other hand, I am reminded of an article in The Pilot last spring when some community college “economist” was quoted as saying “Steamboat real estate would be immune to any economic down turns in the market”. Now, try telling that to most of the real estate community. :Immune indeed!

– David Stone

CHS mock election

It may seem to the outside viewer that a student placed in CHS is ignorant, kept in the dark, or “brainwashed” but this is far from the truth. Yes, our school does promote a Christian-based educational system and surroundings, however, if one were to quiz a CHS student on the teachings and history of Darwin one would find that they are fully capable of answering and are just as “in the light” as an SSHS student. Our teachers and students are involved in the world just as much as anyone else is. Our education is different from a public school, but don’t assume that the average CHS student is ignorant or turning a blind eye to the world. : It makes me sad that what was intended as harmless and educational received such a cold glare in the public eye.

– John Cutter