Best of the Web for June 8 |

Best of the Web for June 8

Thanks, Coach Meek

— I hope all the best for Coach Meek and his family. He had a huge impact on my life as well as all the men who played under him. He will be missed by the community. Thanks for all that you have done for me and the SSHS Basketball. Brian Banning, Class of 1997

– bbanning

Housing cycle

It seems to me that, the whole market is in a corrective stage, as has happened before. Those second home purchases, financed with home equity from a primary residence are luxuries which many are opting not to participate in.

Steamboat Springs’ housing market will face a much swifter correction than other areas, as a result of many homes being the luxury of a second home, those retiree’s whose stock portfolio has taken a beating and the cost of survival (food and energy) are increasing at about 13 percent per year.

The housing market will correct, and the affordability of this town will return.

– ybul

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Saving a runner’s life

I just want to remind everyone that the first two people on the scene to help this guy were two soldiers running in full gear. They were the first to respond from behind his position in the race. As a witness to this, I would like to personally thank the soldiers who stopped short of the finish line to help him. All involved are to be commended.

– mominboat