Best of the Web for June 29 |

Best of the Web for June 29

C.R. 36 a gem

— As Strawberry Park was my childhood home, I’ll attest that this road is a gem in our community for all types of road users. : Strawberry Park road/C.R. 36 lets our community access the ‘countryside’ within a couple of minutes and still is a place that’s relatively safe for riding bikes with kids, riding your horse within close proximity to town or going for a quiet walk. … The more that can be done to encourage this extraordinary route be recognized as a multi-use road rather than a highway the better and thanks Diane Mitsch Bush for recognizing that this is one of those ‘special places’ where we can still ride our horse, bike or take a walk just moments from town!

It’s places like Strawberry Park that let us still feel like open spaces and countryside are still part of Steamboat’s heritage.

– tdelaney (Tammie Delaney)