Best of the Web for June 15 |

Best of the Web for June 15

Kandu can do

— What a great story. I have seen Kandu and Ken at the hospital, and they bring such joy and happiness to patients, families and all the staff. Nuts For Mutts – what a hoot! Big congratulations to Kandu, Ken and all of the Heeling Friends teams. And thank you Margaret for writing such a nice piece.

– fanofsteamboatsprings

Respect on the Web

I agree that civility needs to return to many of the arguments posted on the comments forum. It is hard to follow the logic of some arguments when couched in such harsh and personal rhetoric. I look to the comments to bring to light new information or new ways of looking at a problem, but skim through (or not read entirely) many of the rants.

How many qualified people won’t run for important community positions such as the BOE or city council because of the mudslinging that they will be the target of? Tone it down, don’t re-elect if you are unhappy.

– skygazer

Runoff peaked?

The dirt patches on the face of Storm (Peak) are close to connecting. The peak flow already has happened. All the snow in the low country has been gone for a long time, the snow in the high country is not enough to flood anything. Just my opinion for what it is worth.

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– SilverSpoon

Over the bump

I would agree that we are over the hump on the Yampa. This spring was different. The valley snow was gone before the high snow started to melt. Its been a longer slower runoff with cooler weather. If there was a week of 90 degree temperatures forecast in the next two weeks (which there is not) it might bring up the levels considerably, but still not to the levels they are talking about from ’03 and ’97.

– weststmbtres

Gun control

Concealed carry is a lesson in responsibility. You have to make a commitment every time you put your weapon on and walk out the door. You have to pass a background check to even get the permit. Do I feel safer having permit holders in Routt County? Yes. Because every one of those permit holders has been checked out. Remember, anyone can stuff a gun down their pants and walk around the streets. Those are the ones that scare me, not the people who have taken the proper steps and do it legally.

– stmbtstu

Too many loopholes

The myth that heavily armed societies are any safer than one without an abundance of weapons is alive and well. It’s too bad that Pandora’s Box has been open for so long that it is virtually impossible to ban handguns, and then “only the bad guys will have the guns.” Hence, banning handguns at this point is not a really viable idea. What we need to do is close the loopholes that still allow felons to purchase handguns at gun shows.

– knee_dropper