Best of the Web for July 29 |

Best of the Web for July 29

Anti-mounted patrol

Can’t imagine anything more foolish in the 21st century than a mounted patrol in an area with motor traffic. Horses are pretty good for crowd control because it gives you a higher point to observe the goings on, and because most reasonable people are intimidated by the size of the animal. So, I’m sure there was a purpose in the LAPD even though it seems backwards – horses in LA, but not in Hayden. When was the last riot in Hayden?


Change inevitable

I’d like to think that we live in a small country town; however, change and progress, whether we agree with it or not, is inevitable. If you had money to buy up real estate then sell it, you probably would too, to make more money for your family, to better your life.

People can try to push this out, but unfortunately it is a resort town and rich people want to be here away from it all. I just hope the balance doesn’t tip the scales too much, or the people that the rich pay to feed them in restaurants, the sales clerks, and the day-to-day average working class won’t be around: Then, what will the rich do?


Easy for you to say

It’s easy to support all the downtown construction seeing as how the Pilot & Today office is not downtown. Living out at the west end smoothes one’s day too. Eh, Scott Stanford?

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Remembering Walkers

I was lucky enough to have several conversations with Doak (Walker) without knowing who he was or what his past experiences were. He was one of the most down-to-earth, genuine people I have ever met. That goes for Skeeter (Werner Walker) too. I am glad this community continues to honor them both.


False impressions

The Pilot & Today has created the impression that business on the mountain is like a ghost town. This is false. Locals and visitors alike pack the restaurants and shops every day and night in the Torian Plaza. This is the best-kept secret in Steamboat. Please let people know that there is convenient easy underground parking in the Torian garage all summer long, and a construction free garden oasis that is accessible to everyone.


Blame yourself

Ironic that Ken Brenner – who sat on the City Council that approved all this (downtown) development with nary a thought to the impact would be the critic. Just what did he think?