Best of the Web for July 22 |

Best of the Web for July 22

Saddened by Dos

— I am deeply saddened by the departure of Dos Amigos. Over the years I have had many great times there and have brought friends from all over the country to Dos Amigos. When you move, please be on the bus route so I can continue to visit your business.

I feel the pain of the business owners of Ski Time Square, who knows what will happen. I wish all the business owners in Ski Time Square the best of luck in the future.

– RoxyDad

Traffic mess

Heavy Traffic is an understatement … Bicyclists have to take their lives into their hands when they are on Lincoln Avenue and want to make a turn across traffic near the Library intersection as the traffic will not let them cross the street to get into the turning lane. Some kind of a solution needs to be made by the city for safety’s sake as the city created this mess in the first place by not thinking ahead long term and planning alternative routes for this traffic. And it is going to get worse as time goes by and construction keeps creating space for more people to live and visit here.


Use the paths

Why aren’t the cyclists on the bike path? It may be a bit out of the way, but I use it for safety purposes then cross with the light across Lincoln to get to the other side of town. Why not think about using what we already have in place?

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Just say no

Don’t need it. Don’t want it. Sure don’t want to pay for it. If you want it, join health and rec and work with them to increase that private facility and add the things you want to see. Don’t burden me to help pay for your day dreams.

You can swim in the winter at Health and Rec. or just go outside and play! We live in a rec center.


Rec center needed

Yes, it is great to recreate outdoors but we can’t do that all year long. We need public gymnasiums that all sports can use and are always available. We do not have an indoor pool which can be used for so many different sports and activities. An indoor walking/running track would be a great addition to our community.


Police entrapment

The word entrapment comes to mind … but why would anyone with half a brain in Steamboat buy liquor for anyone hanging out, outside a liquor store, given the local police penchant for the good old days of prohibition.


Looking the other way

How sad that some are determined to look the other way at the obvious underage drinking problems that besiege our community. One need look no further than the police blotter and arrest records in the Sunday section of our local paper and read of youth drinking.

I am curious if some of the naysayers here would sing a different tune if someone they cared about or loved was killed by a teen who had found some stooge to buy liquor for them?