Best of the Web for July 15 |

Best of the Web for July 15

— Diversity enriches

I hope Mr. Turner won’t let the actions of one individual cause him to consider leaving Steamboat. Diversity enriches and adds dimension to our community. If anyone needs to leave Steamboat, it is the attacker.


Stop tubing

Tubing should be suspended. One need only look to see the water level is way too low and we shouldnt risk damaging the river, but I suppose as long as there is money to be made, it will continue to be take, take, take.


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Ban plastic bags

Plastic bags are terrible! I’m glad that Steamboat is starting the iniative to get rid of them entirely. They don’t even hold groceries that well. It just makes sense all around. Don’t like paper? Just bring your own canvas shopping bags. Most stores give you $0.05 off for each recycled or reusable bag you bring when you do your shopping!


Plastic over paper

Relying on the EPA, rather than the psychos in San Francisco, the scientific data clearly demonstrate that plastic is a far more eco-friendly choice than paper.


Oak Creek speed limit

What is the reasoning for lowering the speed limit? If they were to enforce the 25 mph limit, they may find out it’s slow enough. Kind of reminds me of the federal govt … keep making new laws instead of enforcing the ones we have.


Frontier coming?

Just to manage expectations, I’ve flown the Q400 a number of times and the experience is not fundamentally different to the Dash-8. It is to all intents and purposes a larger Dash-8 with newer avionics and engines.

The other issue is frequency. If it’s only once a day, that’s pretty restrictive especially for business travellers like me. Nevertheless, competition powers innovation and service in our economic system and is therefore always welcome. Who knows, maybe United Express will actually lift their game!