Best of the Web for July 1 |

Best of the Web for July 1

Census Schmensus

— A five-person decline in Hayden? Give me a break. Hayden has more houses built and people are living in them. Unless the Census Bureau has an old city limits map and has not included new annexations.

– River_Tam

Get a scanner dude

Maybe the Steamboat Enquirer ought to acquire an emergency services scanner of their own.

I’d gamble this is how our newshounds are “breaking” stories ahead of the press.

– Upstream

Getting ugly

I moved to Steamboat for the same reason many of us live here. For a safe place to live and to raise a family. One of the main things that keeps a place safe is law enforcement. I have lived in places where there was a lack of it and have seen first hand what that can do. Very ugly stuff. We need to put a stop to this hands-off approach, before it causes our safety to be compromised.

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– Biz

In ruins

Impeach Bush, impeach Cheney, bring our troops home! Mission accomplished! We left a nation in ruins while Cheney’s pals at Halliburton got rich … Whoo hooo. What a resounding success.

– Thalguard

Nosy and newsy

Regarding “Scott Stanford: Giving it up for Bartender and Musknosumpin:” Scott, thanks for the comment. Most people just think we are here to stick our noses in other peoples business. (Sometimes we do.) But at least this time we were helpful.

– Musknosumpin

Support biking

I strongly agree with the expansion of the trails in Routt County. I also suggest bike racks downtown, being that the only bike racks I have seen are in front of the bike shops on Fifth and on the corner of 11th and Yampa. If we are to be a biking community, where is all the support?

– Concerned1

Enough is enough

The cyclists are great guests to our town – they tread lightly and I hope they continue to visit. But is anyone else thinking “enough is enough?” The ballplayers, Lincoln Avenue blocked off for Mustangs. The city blocking off traffic to change the overhead banners. I feel the only event to shut down Lincoln should be Winter Carnival. All the special interest groups should look for another place to hold their events. Why should thousands of local residents be inconvenienced for these special interest groups? How about using the fairgrounds or some other large open space. It’s just too much. Has anyone else noticed?

– Stillinsteamboat

Who pays? We pay

I agree that officers on call should be allowed to keep their patrol cars at their homes to be used for emergencies. I don’t think the vehicles should be used for personal business. We bought and paid for them, we pay the insurance, we pay the gas, we pay service and we pay for body damage. Notice the theme … we pay.

– Stunnedindaboat

Panties in a twist

How truly sad for those who think that Jon Stewart, Bill Maher and Chris Matthews, as well as NPR and Air America are the authority on national security and what is best for our country. I’ll stick to the news that Ann Coulter has a new book coming out that will send people running to the lingerie section of Saks or Dillards to purchase new panties to replace those who are victims of the old “panties in a twist” phenomenon.

– Dundalk