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Best of the Web for Feb. 11

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What, me worry?

The Earth has been warming since the Ice Age. If every power plant and automobile were shut down, the Earth would continue to warm. Even if every human being were to stop breathing, the Earth would continue to warm. It is coming from the core. I know, let’s pack some ice in the volcanoes – that might give us a little more time. While I agree that humans are part of the problem, we are not the problem and our role is so insignificant, it would not make much difference. Next up: The sky is falling.


Literary meth

This collection of posts (about “Oak Creek board to focus on police”) is starting to look like the equivalent of a literary meth lab – yikes.


What would Bob Marley do?

Just legalize it! Take away the black market. The war on drugs is an expensive losing battle. Hey, so is Iraq!


Stop whining

Responding to posts about “Our View: Analysis of Task Force needed”: Sounds like several people got up on the wrong side of the election. I don’t believe I have heard such whining since my kids were small. Well, to get back to the article above. No, I don’t believe G. Wall should put good money after bad for GRAMNET.


Amendment 41 a mess

The bigger issue is how Amendment 41 affects students applying for scholarships whose parents are in government or are teachers. I would like to see the Pilot & Today explore the amendment and its effects on students who receive scholarships based on their grades. Under 41, these kids may not be eligible. They are being punished because their parents are in those high-paying teacher and government jobs. The spirit of the amendment is good but the outcome like so many amendments usually turns into a big blunder. Just look at TABOR.


Thanks, Bob

Why is Bob Maddox wasting the council time on (Ken Brenner’s ski pass)? I guess it rings true that no good deed (volunteering for the Rocky Mountain Division of the United States Ski and Snowboard Association) goes unpunished. Nice job, Bob!


Swim outside

So many people complain about Steamboat changing. It would be a shame to see the people of Steamboat run the Health and Rec. out of town just for an indoor pool.


Challenging the newspaper

I absolutely agree with the idea behind this opinion – serious, in-depth analysis of the task force IS needed. However that analysis should not only be done by the stewards of public money, such as Sheriff Wall, but also by a government watchdog like the Pilot & Today. I encourage you to take your own advice, Pilot & Today leaders, and conduct a thorough investigation into GRAMNET. It’s a story that’s been wanting for a long time now.


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