Best of the Web for Dec. 21 |

Best of the Web for Dec. 21

City’s Emerald land buy

— Excellent purchase. This is how to enhance Steamboat’s appeal to the rest of the world. Any and all land that can be purchased in that particular area should be procured or obtained in any manner possible. I beg you to keep it as it is! I hiked and skiied in that area years ago when I lived in “Brooklyn” and always considered it one of the finest properties in the city. This acquisition will help keep Steamboat’s appeal that I love so dearly.

– Steamboatdog

Support social host law

This law would either make parents be better parents or punish them if they were not. Call it “social drinking” if you like, but this is destroying our youth. I, as a parent, would like to see this law go a step further and also include drug use. Look at the stats: Nearly 70 percent of our students are using drugs or alcohol on a regular basis – some both! Shame on the council members who voted against it, and shame on the parents or other adults who allow it.

– justice4all

No need for host law

No matter how many laws and regulations are passed, one can never legislate morality. This was an ordinance we didn’t need.

– stirrinuptrouble

Shop locally

Choosing a locally owned store can make a big difference for the local economy.

Of a dollar spent, a locally owned store keeps about 45 cents in the local economy, a chain store keeps about 14 cents of that dollar local.

If you can buy it here, please do. Even if it costs a little more, you are increasing the flow of local money that will circle back into your own businesses.

– Steve Lewis

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Support Local Journalism

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