Best of the Web for April 22 |

Best of the Web for April 22

Free market reins

So is rent control worse than the promise of restricted ownership? To me they are just the same failure bound to happen, the only difference is who profits from the policy. Since the free market works so well who can name the resort town that depends on free market forces to provide for their labor force? If there isn’t one does that mean that free market is also a failure waiting to happen?



Does anyone think it’s ironic that once the linkage is adopted that the price of an existing house will automatically rise. i.e… my house is already here and not subject to the fees so it is worth more because new construction costs will increase. Maybe I’m missing something but how does making housing more expensive make housing more affordable? Council has now made it impossible for a family with a good income to afford housing. That’s really brilliant.


Part of the problem

Ye gads. Now we need to have a policy about putting logos on gifts in public buildings? That should be good for about six months of extra meetings, fourteen motions to reconsider and a 90-day moratorium on all logos citywide. Towny: if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.


Bad pictures

I agree with your decision to keep it local. We have the Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News, USA Today, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, CNN, MSN, etc. for national stories that won’t go away. So good job in keeping it local. What I want to know is why the Pilot & Today is always putting good pictures of people that they agree with in the paper and frowning, mean looking pictures of people they don’t agree with? Just look at Pat Gleason’s face. Now look at Dr. D’s face.


Way to go Pat

Pat Gleason is the only person who should be on the school board. The rest of the board should have resigned.


Pat’s no hero

I’m very shocked that Pat is getting congratulated for all of this. Doesn’t it seem odd that the Dr. D emails get released right when Pat resigns from the school board? It looks like he was trying to save his own skin. Both men have behaved badly and need to grow up.

I’ve seen our own students behave better than these two and many members of our community. Also, shame on those of you who are bashing Denise Connelly. How would you react to this situation these two men have put her and the other members in?


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